Why Sales?

As more and more jobs are automated the value of personality, empathy, communication and persuasion skills will rise.

Sales develops all these characteristics, but this only one of the reasons why you should be seriously considering a move into Sales:

1) Money: No other career will allow the salary progression that sales will. This is because Sales is performance related. This means the harder or smarter you work the more you get paid. Rewards for good performance come in the form of Commission, Bonuses, Trips abroad, and referral rewards among other incentives.

2) Flexibility: “If it’s to be – it’s up to me.” Sales professionals are ultimately self-managing. Once you are out in the field you decide what your day entails. Once KPIs are met, you have the freedom to take mental breaks or run personal errands.

3) Job Security: Once you can demonstrate a proven track record in Sales you never have to worry about unemployment again. Every business need salespeople and the sales skills attained in Billsave are transferable to any other product or service. Search Billsave on Linkedin and you will see that people who learned to sell at Billsave are now working for Google, Facebook, Oracle, Linkedin and Vodafone among countless others.

4) The Kill: Most jobs have no beginning and no end. Employees must turn up and perform the same tasks day after day, week after week, year after year. In Sales there is win/lose and the psychological income from closing deals gamifies sales in a way that makes it a very attractive option for competitive individuals.

But the most important reason why anyone should begin a career in Sales is that no other career will teach you how to deal with rejection and failure quite like sales. Having the mental strength to win or learn is crucial to anyone who ultimately wants to some day run their own business and take ultimate control of their future.

The future belongs to the persuaders.

To begin a Sales Career with BillSave please email your CV to lidija@billsave.ie