Sales Services & Solutions

BillSave are a Two Time All Star Accredited Leading Sales Agency. Specialising in Outsourced Field Sales and Telesales, BillSave have successfully delivered campaigns in Energy, Telecoms, Charities and Home Deliveries.

Why Choose BillSave?

BillSave’s success lies directly in their people. A strong culture and team focused business, combined with ongoing training, development and career enhancement are the primary reasons BillSave have been the leading outsourced sales agency in Ireland for over 10 years.

Companies who require large additions to their customers base should look no further than BillSave when thinking about a direct field or telesales strategy.

For any individuals looking to get the best start in sales, Billsave provide industry leading training and accreditation along with excellent career progression opportunities.

Our services include:

Field Sales

The most successful way to grow your customer base is face to face selling. With so much choice online and in many marketplaces, customer inertia can paralyse their decision making. By having representatives meet customers in real time, customers get the chance to fully understand the benefits of moving their business.

Commercial Sales

B2B selling is still most effective through direct selling and relationship building. Having your brand out there making connections and offering quality products and services takes a huge amount of time and hassle away for your customers.


Fundraising face to face is the best way for charities to get their message of support out to an audience. Many people really want and plan to donate and support excellent charities, but sometimes need the help and reassurance from a fundraiser to assist them with this process.


For high volume reach, telesales and telemarketing provides companies with a direct route to the customer. BillSave support companies through their fully operational call centre. Our centre provides lead generation, MQL/SQL, sales/fundraising as well as customer support.