Snehil Gupta

It has been a great experience. I never thought I could do door to door sales, being honest. But I think the kind of motivation I got in the training session every day when I used to be in Dublin was commendable. The experience you will gain from here is going to help you throughout your life.

Alan Coleman

Not only do you learn politeness to one another but it’s a massive confidence booster for those who are shy to talk and meet new people. Constantly meeting new people day in day out has certainly helped me big time.

Des Sheridan

My advice to current and potential BillSave employees would be to get out of your comfort zone, push that little extra, set achievable goals don’t stop until you reach them and in a very short time you will see results. I was never the typical salesman type but with some hard work and the BillSave training, guidance and opportunities I was able to recruit, train and manage teams of successful sales reps.

Akash Manchanda

BillSave made me a person who keeps hope high and believes that nothing is impossible. We are Champions! I progressed not only in professional life but as a human being too because the company helps develop your personality which helps in every part of life.

Nitesh Jain

Sales are the first and most important step for anyone who wants to become an Entrepreneur or to work for a Multi-National Corporation. Working under the Management of BillSave is a fantastic opportunity, so make the most of your time there. Lastly, Thank You BillSave for all your continued support.

Antonio Fernandez Salgado

Regardless of the product or service that one sells, there are things in common for all the Sales roles and I learned those things in BillSave. In BillSave I learned the foundation of sales and developed many different skills that has helped me on the subsequent years and roles, such as, the importance of being persistent, time management, objection handling or staying positive.

Shauna Frey

I wanted to transition from accountancy to sales. BillSave provided me with the perfect foundation and even recommended me to Google once I’d proved myself. I would strongly recommend their sales apprenticeship programme.