Why Choose a Career in Sales?

Why Choose a Career in Sales?

Why should you choose a career in sales?

With a career in sales, numbers do the talking and with each sale, you feel more motivated, self-confident, and learn way more than any other job. Today, salespeople are like entrepreneurs who are creative, credible and independent. Let’s explore the top reasons a sales career could be the right choice for you.
  1. It’s Challenging Nature Creates Transferable Skills

    Sales skills once built are there to stay with you forever. It’s a mindset. Once you gain enough knowledge and hands-on experience, you can shine in any industry or company. The tough challenges like learning how to deal with rejection help you grow mentally and become more self-aware.
  2. Great Earnings

    No other career will allow the salary progression that sales will. This is because Sales is completely performance-related. This means the harder or smarter you work the more you should get paid. Rewards for good performance come in the form of commission, bonuses, trips abroad, referral rewards among many other incentives.
  3. Flexibility

    Sales professionals are ultimately self-managing. It’s completely flexible and doesn’t fall under the typical 9 to 5 or monotonous work routine. Your time is managed by the goals you set yourself.
  4. Networking

    You will meet a wide variety of people every day, so it helps to create people’s skills. It should be a part of your daily work routine to meet at least one new person. As a salesperson, you get to create a wide array of networks for your future endeavors.
  5. Continual Learning

    One of the best parts of a career in sales is that it is undefined - it’s hard for any salesperson to describe their typical day because there is no typical day. It’s an everyday process to learn and understand what works best in different situations.
  6. Satisfaction

    Every sale made gives you job satisfaction and boosts your morale. You watch failures and successes very closely and try to continually learn from them. The roller-coaster ride is very enjoyable and distinct from most other career options.
  7. Job Security

    Once you can demonstrate a proven track record in Sales you never have to worry about unemployment again. Every business needs salespeople and the sales skills attained in BillSave are transferable to all other products & services. Search BillSave on LinkedIn and you will see that people who learned how to sell at BillSave are now working for companies such as Google, Accenture, Oracle, Dell and Vodafone among countless others.
  8. The Kill

    A lot of jobs can be deemed monotonous, employees must turn up and perform the same tasks day after day, week after week. In Sales, there is a clear win/lose/learn outcome and the psychological income from closing deals amplifies sales in a way that makes it a very attractive option for competitive individuals.
So there you have it - the top reasons to choose a career in sales. Feel free to comment below and if you liked this article, please share it! Separately, if you would like to join Ireland’s leading field sales company, check out Careers at BillSave.