Billsave is a Sales Talent brand, we are one of Ireland’s leading Sales Agencies. We have successfully managed SSE Airtricity’s Sales Force since 2009; Recruiting, Training, Managing and Pay-rolling over 2250 sales professionals and delivering in excess of 250k new customers. The customers we have delivered drive revenue of around €240 million per annum for our client. We currently run a team of 60 sales representatives from 5 Sales hubs nationwide and operate a fleet of vehicles on their behalf. We are the most effective and consistent Sales Team operating in the Energy and Gas sectors

We have experience operating teams in Utilities, Telecoms, Mobile, Waste and Payment Services. Our strengths lie in quickly mobilising a sales force from a standing start and developing long term customer acquisition solutions based on direct selling.

We operate in the following channels

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To discuss whether or not Sales Outsourcing would lower your cost to acquire customers please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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