Client Testimonials

[ut_quote_rotator width=”fullwidth”] [ut_quote author=”Fiachna Goggins – Planner, Cargolux Airlines”] “I have known John for over 14 years . . . he is a proven performer with the contacts and business acumen to get the job done.” [/ut_quote] [ut_quote author=”Dave Curry – Senior Financial Planning Executive, Irish Mortgage Corporation”] “John has all the qualities which are crucial for success and prosperity . . . he is driven, determined, focused and tenacious.”[/ut_quote] [ut_quote author=”David Kelly – Senior Manager, Servicesource”] “John started out on a small scale as an Airtricity partner, but very quickly established his sales team as one of the best.” [/ut_quote] [/ut_quote_rotator]


Sales Professionals Testimonials


[ut_single_quote author=”Shauna Frey” company=”Account Manager – Google” title=”Great Experience!” avatar=”” width=”half” last=”false”]”I wanted to transition from accountancy to sales. BillSave provided me with the perfect foundation and even recommended me to Google once I’d proved myself. I would strongly recommend their sales apprenticeship programme.” [/ut_single_quote]

[ut_single_quote author=”Alan Quinn” company=”Business Development Manager – O2″ title=”Perfect First Step in Sales” avatar=”” width=”half” last=”true”]
“Like many, I found myself needing a change of career in 2009. I wanted to move into sales, and working for BillSave was the perfect first step. I learned what I needed to advance in the right direction.”[/ut_single_quote]